Who We Are

"The Trade Association for Saskatchewan's Collision Repair & Automotive Services"

The Saskatchewan Association of Automotive Repairers Inc. is a non-profit organization of automotive repairers and associated firms whose concerns are the promotion and development of their industry in all its aspects, while providing quality, affordable service to the motoring public.

Our Objectives

  • To promote and improve the public image of our industries.
  • To provide representatives for discussions between our industries and the various governing bodies.
  • To provide inter-member discussions on issues facing our industry.
  • To provide a source of review to our customers in the event of a disagreement.
  • To provide a forum for the attraction, recruitment, education and retention of industry personnel.

What can SAAR do

The Saskatchewan Association of Automotive Repairers (SAAR) is the industry association which represents the industry to government and the public, providing the following programs, services and member benefits:

  • Assists the industry in obtaining training
  • Membership meetings
  • Annual convention and general meeting - February
  • Fall Conference - September